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A difficult decision

No matter what I do about my car situation I’ll save some money.  So now I just have to be decisive (an  issue for me) and make a choice.

Part of the problem is that Cari wanted a particular car.  I saw it yesterday.  It’s freakin’ sweat.  Bigger than I need (until I buy the boat I plan to buy).  Lots of room, dvd player, sweeet look … but kind of pricey.

No matter what I’m going to dump the camry.  I need the room so the option is either keep the pathfinder, buy a new pathfinder, or upgrade to the armada.  She really wanted the armada.  And that’s the one I saw yesterday.  Even though it’s pricey, buying that thing will pretty much cut my current car payment in half plus my insurance will be halved too.  There’s a nice rebate, good finance rate, and the pathfinder has some equity that I can use.

This morning I asked for E’s input.  She said that I could buy a car like GC’s for mommy.  Oh crap!  Last night one of the books she picked out was a children’s book I bought about death.  Last night I asked her if she knew anyone that died.  She said no.  Maybe I’m missing something here.  She obviously doesn’t get it yet.  Should she?  When she talked about buying a car for mommy this morning I knew she just doesn’t understand.  That just makes me really sad 🙁

The pathfinder, Cari’s car, had been parked at her moms the past few days because her sister borrowed it.  Her MIL said it was kind of nice having it parked there.  So does that mean I should just keep the pathfinder?   Should I just keep that one anyways????  Lower payments, decent space, sentimental value ….

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  1. CK says:

    I really don’t think she will get it for quite awhile. I lost both of my parents, 4 years apart when I was in my late teens/ early twenties. Apples to oranges in your case, and I am not at all trying to compare, but to get to my point, I now am married and have two kids. Neither my husband or obviously my kids ever knew them. I speak of my parents CONSTANTLY because that is how I deal with my loss. I started talking to my three year old daughter about them from the time she was born. I’ve taken her to the cemetary twice but it caused too much confusion. I told her that Nana and Papa are in heaven, so when I brought her to the cemetary she asked where we were and I explained it to her and she looked at me like I was nuts. She said, I thought they were up there in heaven, pointing to the sky, so that is why we stopped doing that. She asks me roughly once a week when she can go to heaven and meet them because she “really really” wants too, and all I can tell her is that once you go to heaven you can’t come back. I know she doesn’t get it at all. One day it will click for them and until then all you can keep doing I guess is just talking to them.
    I hope you are doing as well as possible and I hope that I haven’t offended you with anything I said.

    Take Care,

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