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lil man

He’s cutting 3 teeth at the same time.  Poor guy.  His two top eye teeth plus a molar.  Is that the reason for the cold, running nose, cough … whatever else?  Probably.  On top of that he got a shot at his 18 month appointment monday.  He’s had a rough week

He’s been going down to bed relatively easy for a bunch of weeks now (knock on wood).  But last night he woke up crying about a half hour later.  So I went in to rock him. 

He just needed to be held.  A minute later and he was passed out on my chest in the rocking chair. 

Moments like that aren’t easy.  Looking down at him.  Thinking so many things. 

And then this morning.  I really didn’t want to leave the house w/out seeing him.  So maybe a little on purpose I opened his door and he happened to wake.  Okay, not the brightest idea because he wasn’t super happy about being woken up. 

Grandma got there a minute later and he just wanted me to hold him.  Most times it’s the opposite but today he wanted daddy. 

Yesterday he went on a train ride with big sis and grandma. 

Most of the time I struggle with him missing out on things because he’s baby #2 and well … just because of everything.  However, yesterday was her first time on a train too so for maybe the first time he actually got to do something ahead of her. 

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