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When others fall

And they always do.  I seem more aware of these unfortunate tragedies, now more than ever before. 

Yesterday morning I was driving along 103rd to drop off the kids at grandma’s.  I noticed metal barricades placed in front of the same funeral home that Cari’s services were at.  I figured it was for the firefighter.  Sure enough, after I picked the kids up on the way home and we passed by that same funeral home a firetruck with it’s ladder raised and a huge American flag hanging from it was sitting in front of the building.

Passing by that place nearly ever day is a real reminder (as if I need one though).  But when the parking lot is filled nearly every other day but especially when it’s filled for a reason like that, my heart just drops. 

The loss of his life makes me sad once again for the loss of hers. 

These days I can only imagine how things would be.  We’ve missed out on so much.  What would we be doing, what would we have done?  I’ll never know

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