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Now who’s going to clean that?

He peed in the potty chair!!!  Woo Hoo!  But who’s going to clean it out of there.  Honey?  Oh…

I think we had her on the toilet for months before she actually peed in it.  She never really took to the potty chair … thank goodness.  Who wants to clean all the junk out of there.  It’s way easier if they just go in the toilet. 

I haven’t had much luck getting him to sit still on the toilet and haven’t fared much better on the potty chair either.

For the past couple months or so as soon as the diaper came off he peed right there on the floor.  So we started “trying” to get him used to the potty chair or toilet; whatever we could sit him on for a least a few seconds.  Today…SUCCESS!

It was bath time and the diaper was dry.  Perfect opportunity.  So I sat him down and he jumped right back up.  Damn.  Of course he didn’t sit down right away either.  But I finally got him to sit.  And somehow I motivated him to sit there long enough to pee (I think I talked him into the peeing part too) 

I couldn’t see if anything was in the potty while he was sitting there.  It seemed like he might have done something as he was acting a little different, but it was dark down there in the pot.  Then he got up, there it was, and we got super excited.  Go C!!!


Lots of other stuff going on…

Work blows.  Management (or whatever you want to call the upper echelon) is far from working as a cohesive team.  I thought maybe things would be different after a few top dogs were canned but nothing changed.  After personally experiencing the discontinuity of the group this morning there’s no doubt in my mind who the real problem is … their leader.  $1,000 he’s gone by February. 

It was a long weekend.  Nothing too much Friday but a late afternoon 1st birthday party Saturday and then to Arlington Park Raceway for the first time on Sunday with a group of friends. 

At the birthday party he jumped right into the kiddie pool with all his clothes.  Great 🙁  I brought a bathing suit for both of them but for some reason only a change of clothes for her.  Fortunately he doesn’t know the difference yet because I had him run around in a cute pink shirt until some friends let me borrow a boys shirt of theirs.

The race track was a really nice time.  However, reminiscing about it  today was just another sad reminder that she is missed SO VERY MUCH.  It would have been nice to have had all our friends there with us but the group that was there was the perfect size and the perfect group of people. 

 The day didn’t start out too hot (I’m not talking about the temperature).  I decided to take Luci into the emergency vet because she had diarrhea all over the house and then some blood in her stool.  That only cost a couple hundred for them to pretty much do nothing.  She seems okay now.   That was at 9am and we had to leave for the track around 11. 

We got there at just after noon and actually stayed til nearly 4:30.  C was passed out before we left the parking lot. 

They had a petting zoo there for the kids and pony rides.  I bet on some races and won a whole $5 and change.  But it was still fun.  Fun to be with our friends and have some semi-adult time.  My friends are simply the BEST.  They are so good with the kids and so good too us.  We’re really fortunate.  All the kids together were really cute too.  Here they are watching the race

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