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What’s he saying?

This is an ongoing post that I’ve been adding to for a while.  Figured I would post it now and continue to add to it.

Momma & Dadda have been there for a while.  He calls grandma Mom & Momma.  When he wants out of his crib he screams one or a combination of the above.

Then came Ball & Lala (lolo).  We were at Target and he saw the big red balls outside and keeps saying Baaaaall

And now there’s a bunch (1 or two every day) … Ti Ti, Nukie, Bobby (sort of)

The other day (8/28) we think he said Maddie

He’s been saying Yesssss and Juice for a while now

New words include Pillow, Down, Up (10/1)

This week (10/5) he hummed the whole twinkle twinkle little star song.  Instead of words … Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Yaaa (and so on).  Close enough 😉

He’s using Grandma instead of mama & mom a little more.

His new word is “No”.  Oh great! (10/20)

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