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Bear Down

I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit here.

I did the zoo again this past weekend w/the kids.  That Bear exhibit is SO cool.  But, OMG it was so humid out.  Ridiculous. 

And then I went to the Bear’s preseason game.  They were horrible.  I told a friend earlier in the week that my opinion of the upcoming season went from what I saw as a potentially successful season to one of failure.  I had a conversation with a top dogg which completely changed my opinion.  And then after this first game … man they’re a mess.  Oh, and then I stayed up WAY too late and that made for a rough Sunday

So besides that I just need to do some venting

My new boss … he’s unqualified for the position.  He must have a horseshoe up his ass or maybe he just  “KNOWS” someone.  He’s absolutely unqualified.  The interview pool we had to choose from was virtually talentless (now I’m being a little harsh but I’m pissed).  For some reason management decided to hire this guy; probably because he was the only one of the three with software experience.  Nice!  How much are they paying him?  How much did they pay to move him and his family here?  Did he get a signing bonus?  That stuff only adds to the fire.  If the person was highly talented this would be a non issue.  But he’s less talented than me so this is a problem.  He’s also not producing, causing me and the others in the department to pick up the slack … the problem gets worse.  We try to talk to him but his biggest issue is that he CANNOT communicate.  How do you talk to someone who has issues communicating.  He’s off in lala land thinking about this goldmine job he just landed. 

So I went to his boss today.  Another top dogg.  He basically said it’s not his problem, it’s a departmental issue, and we need to fix it.  WTF!!!  Seriously, WTF!!!  I absolutely don’t get it.  I took what I thought were some positive steps to identify an issue with the goal of putting some resolve to it.  Instead, the issue was immediately redirected to me as if it’s my problem and I need to solve it.  Well for that my resume is rewritten, my resignation letter too, and I’m ready to move on. 

Unfortunately it’s not that easy … you know, that issue of me being the single parent here.  So this probably will continue on for a number of weeks.  However, this has been a long time coming and this IS the icing on the cake.  I don’t need the added stress.  I consistently perform above expectations and am committed to my job but they don’t see that, they don’t see the worth and what they’ll lose when I leave.

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