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Preschool: Day 1

It was a big day for my little girl, the 1st day of preschool

Fortunately she’s had a lot of exposure to group activities and even a couple kids-only activities.  So this wasn’t a whole lot different just a little longer than ever before; 2 1/2 hours right before her usual nap time.  But she did fine.  I’m not surprised.  She is so smart.  She rocks!

But because of the start time and excitement surrounding it all, we missed her nap today.  However, she was asleep for the night by 9 … without issue.  I probably could have done it a little earlier but her friend was over so she wanted to stay up.

I don’t know if I was supposed to feel any new emotions today but I didn’t.  Unfortunately that probably had a little to do with my work situation.  It’s on my mind all day and keeping me up at night.  It didn’t have to be this way but some poor decisions were made and now I’m dealing with the consequences and will most likely move on to something else.

But I digress … today was a BIG day.  I’m so proud of her and I know Cari would have been very excited.  I could only imagine what this day would have been like in our other reality.  Let’s think …

I might have moved into a different position at work.  Would we have moved close to lessen the commute?  Perhaps.  Let’s say we didn’t and stayed put here.  That seems more realistic.  We probably would have chosen a school close to the house, more than likely the same one as a couple of her/our friends.  The day would have been a whole lot different.  But I just can’t even imagine.  What would we have done, what things would have happened.  There’s no way to know.  We’re just missing such an important part of our lives; the kids are missing out on so much of what they should have had.

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