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Happy Birthday to ME

This time of year could be the hardest for me. 

It’s been a trying couple of weeks at the job too.  So today I sucked it up and tendered my resignation.  Yikes!

My anxiety is thru the roof.  Not good.  But it does feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders

Now, I only submitted it some 45 minutes ago.  However, my boss just announced it to the organization so I guess there’s no desire to keep me around.  No biggie though.  We’ll be fine.  And even better than before.  Phew!

You want to know his response to me giving him the letter … “Thanks” … okay … whatever … good luck!

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  1. CK says:

    Happy Birthday Matt! I hope your day only gets better as it goes on, and good luck with your new job search. Hopefully this new year will bring you endeless possibilities….

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