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A weekend worth forgetting … sort of

It wasn’t all bad

Allergies turned into a serious respiratory issue … again. 

Someone else decided to throw himself out of the crib.  He landed on the carpet and is okay, but come on …

Oh yeah and there’s some major teething going on.  Bottom eye teeth if that’s what they’re called


But then there was Train.  Which would have been a lot more fun if my mind wasn’t on my lil girl.  My friends rock though.  Thank you for the birthday cake!

And then having a few people over on Monday was nice as well.  I probably should have invited more people, next time for sure.  But the whole intent was to give the kids some time together.  And that part was a huge success.  I think she has her first BFF.  She even calls her her best friend.  So super cute.  Cari would be absolutely elated.  She should be here for this

Speaking of allergies.  My nose is stuffed, throat scratchy.  This is no fun, no fun at all

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