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Thanksgiving #2. 

It’s such a difficult topic, at least for me, that I think it’s simply not discussed.  Although I did receive a number of messages from friends and family and a card from a friend.  They rock!  It’s seems like I just went thru the motions to get past the day.  But that was Thursday and then there was a family wedding on Friday

I knew it would be a tough day, for everyone.  I think the wedding a little earlier this month was harder for me and maybe numbed me a bit for this wedding.  This was her sisters wedding.  So it was going to be hard.  My kids were the flower girl and ring boy (SO CUTE). 

I think their involvement allowed, or forced, me to put my focus on something else.  With C it wasn’t hard to lose focus on things for a while.  Besides the fact that he is non stop and requires  your constant attention, he tried his best to steal the scene from the bride and groom.  Not only were they adorable walking down the aisle, when they announced the wedding party later on he came out with a huge smile, pointed his fingers in the air, and started to dance around.  And he kept on dancing til 10:20p when I grabbed him up and packed him into grandma’s car.  Otherwise, the bride was beautiful and Cari would have been SO excited for her.  There have been many times that I looked at her sister and saw Cari.  And Friday at the wedding I stood there for a few minutes and relived our reception which happened to be at the same venue (that was our 2nd reception as our 1st was in mexico).

A couple tough days down but birthdays, christmas & the anniversary are still to come.

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